Panther Creek Forestry, LLC is a full-service forestry consulting firm specializing in land management tailored to meet individual landowner’s long and short-term goals. From marketing standing timber to improving wildlife habitat, we have a long-standing history of quality work. We have extensive experience in long-term forest management planning for estates, timber stand improvement, tree planting, prescribed fire, exotic species control, Greenbelt Tax Act forest management plans, resource conservation planning, and forest disease and pest treatment. We market and manage timber sales on a lump-sum or pay-as-cut basis, and require that buyers be fully insured, in good-standing among industry partners, and implement best management practices. We serve landowners with property ranging from 50 to 5,000+ acres, located across Tennessee, northern Georgia, and northern Alabama


President and Senior Forester Benjamin Myers founded Panther Creek Forestry in 2002. Since that time he has worked in all areas of the industry, including as a field forester, timber buyer, logger, and consulting forester. Panther Creek became a full service forestry consulting firm in 2008. Our team includes President, Ben Myers, along  full-time field foresters, a GIS specialist, conservation programs specialist, staff biologist, seasonal interns, full-time forestry technicians, and office support staff.