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Serving landowners across Tennessee, N. Georgia and N. Alabama 

Est. 2002


A full service forestry consulting firm

Specializing in land management tailored to meet individual landowner's long and short term goals with property ranging from 50 to 5,000+ acres.

serving Tennessee, N. Georgia & N. Alabama since 2008

Forest Management Planning

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-Greenbelt forest management plans
-NRCS CAP 106 Conservation activity plan
-Estate planning
-Landscape level management planning
-Agroforestry planning
-Forest access planning
-Urban forest management
-GIS Mapping
-Drone aerial photography
-Timber Sale planning and scheduling

Forest Stand Improvement

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-Exotic Invasive species control
-Brush control 
-Timber Stand Improvement
             - Pre-commercial thinning
             - Crop Tree Release
             - Hack & Squirt
-Forestry mulching
-Reforestation (tree planting)
-Forest pest control
-Road side maintenance
-Prescribed burning

Forest Inventory and Appraisal

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-Timber inventory
-Market inventory
-Carbon inventory
-Landscape inventory
-Wildlife habitat inventory

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Let our licensed & bonded forestry professionals know how we can help make your forest work for you.

Panther Creek Forestry, LLC is a full-service forestry consulting firm, serving landowners throughout the southeast, including TN, GA, AL & KY. We specialize in land management tailored to meet individual landowner’s long and short-term goals. From marketing standing timber to improving wildlife habitat, we have a long-standing history of quality work. 

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As leaders in the forest and timber industry, we are passionate about making your forest work for you

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