Panther Creek Forestry offers a full range of forest management services for our clients’ needs


Timber Stand Improvement

Let us help you improve the productivity and quality of your forest. Panther Creek Forestry will remove undesirable and poorly formed trees to promote the growth of the desired crop trees.



Herbicide Application

Panther Creek will conduct herbicide applications for site preparation, removal of undesirables, or to release planted trees. This can be applied via backpack, helicopter, ATV, or hatchet methods.



Forest Management Plans

Panther Creek can provide you with an in-depth forest management plan detailing your timber volumes and forest types. The plan will include the short term and long term steps to achieve your goals for the property.



Forest Engineering Planning

Panther Creek can layout and manage forest engineering projects such as road building, constructed fire breaks, temporary or permanent stream crossings, etc. to aid in the management of the forest.



Carbon Inventory and Assessment

Panther Creek is trained and experienced in assessing standing Carbon Volumes. Call us to discuss your options in the Forest Carbon Offset Trading Market.


Timber Sales

Panther Creek will offer your timber for bid to an extensive and targeted list of buyers or negotiate a sale for specialty projects. Logging will be performed by qualified, fully insured professional loggers under the supervision of Panther Creek.



Tree Planting

Need some trees? We can help you convert your fields to forestland or simply replant what has already been harvested. We have experience in machine and hand planting hardwoods, pines, wildlife shrubs, orchards, native grasses, and pollinator species. To date we have planted approximately 3 million trees!



Technical Services Provider

We are certified Technical Service Providers for the NRCS, and are trained to provide planning for forestry, agroforestry, and prescribed burning projects.



Old Growth Forests

We can help you maintain the vitality of Older Forests, and transition them into stands with Old Growth Characteristics. In addition, we can get your young or middle aged forest on a track towards Old Growth.



Hunt Leases

Panther Creek can assist in the marketing, management of hunting clubs, and assessment of wildlife populations. Check out our current leases here.


Habitat Improvement

Panther Creek Forestry can help you with your wildlife plot construction and maintenance. Our experienced foresters can assist you in providing more forage, cover and habitat diversity to draw and maintain more wildlife to your property.



Forest Inventory and Appraisal.

One of our skilled team members will come out to help you assess the composition and value of your forestland. We are experienced in evaluating your timberland for Estate Appraisals, Basis Establishment, Loan Collateral Value, Casualty Losses, Timber Theft Appraisals, and Standing Timber Values.



Prescribed Burning

We are Prescribed Burn Managers certified by the state of TN. Call us to discuss your Prescribed Fire project today!




Interested in growing forest crops or Silvo Pasture Systems? Call us to schedule an assessment for multi-story cropping, alley cropping, silvo pasture, etc. We have experience in developing forests for the growth of Ginseng, Goldenseal, Paw Paw, Ramps, Mushrooms, etc.

Forest Pest Treatment

Panther Creek Forestry holds a charter and certification for forest pesticide application, enabling us to treat land in Tennessee and Kentucky for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Emerald Ash Borer. We also provide detection and treatment for Walnut Canker, Southern Pine Beetle and Ips Beetle.