Panther Creek Forestry offers a full range of forest management services for our clients’ needs, including the following.  

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Forest Management Planning

Forest Management Planning can help you narrow your focus for long and short term goals.

Forest Greenbelt tax classification provides forestland owners having 15 or more acres the opportunity to utilize their forest for timber production under tax rates that value the property according to its current use, as opposed to its potential market value. This lower tax rate can result in substantially lower annual property taxes. Panther Creek Forestry can provide you with a forest management plan to satisfy the requirements of your County Assessor of Property for this tax classification. The Assessor of Property requires that forest management plans be updated at least every 10 years, or when ownership of the property changes.

As a Certified Technical Service provider, Panther Creek Forestry has more than 20 years of combined experience writing forest management plans that identify natural resource concerns and provide detailed recommendations for management practices to address those concerns. Our comprehensive plans give you the information you need to continue utilizing NRCS incentive programs to improve your forest’s health and productivity.

Your forest can be one of your largest assets, and proper planning makes the difference between it becoming a benefit or a burden for your family in future generations. We can help you develop a long-term plan for your forest, outlining steps that will promote sustainable conditions for timber income and recreational enjoyment for years to come.

At PCF, we understand that large tracts of land present management challenges unique to their geographic region, site conditions, and property history. Using an integrated strategy of prior use research, landform analysis, GIS mapping, and inventory data collection, we draft a management plan tailored to meet the long-term and short-term goals of the private, corporate, or government landowner.  

Incorporating trees into your current agricultural system has benefits ranging from reduced soil erosion to improved health and productivity, adding biodiversity and new income opportunities to your farm. PCF uses on-site observations, detailed soil reports, and our 100+ years of combined experience to develop a plan for tree species selection, site selection, reforestation method, and maintenance of your farm.

Timber Sales

This is our number one priority at Panther Creek Forestry. So when it comes to timber sales, we want your trees to bring you the highest possible revenue. Our team of foresters has in-depth knowledge of the local timber markets, relying on our more than 100 years of combined experience in timber inventory, marketing, sales and harvest management. At PCF, we don’t depend solely on software or algorithms to determine your forest’s potential value, because we know that all forests are unique. Our step-by-step process of confident inventory, relevant and realistic appraisal, targeted marketing, and diligent harvest monitoring is designed to maximize your profit and ensure that contract specifications and Tennessee Best Management Practices are followed. 

This means more than just extracting a timber resource now, but also setting the stage for the future, we provide you with recommendations and resources for reforestation and post-harvest habitat enhancement.
In a complex and competitive timber market, we want you to feel confident that you’re getting the most from your forest. Our experts work with you before, during, and after a timber sale to understand your goals and help you accomplish them.

We want you to be satisfied with the results of your timber sale, and we know that requires a clear understanding of your goals and priorities. A PCF forester will work with you to determine your objectives, and advise you of the best path to achieve those – even if it’s not through a timber sale. 

Once a timber harvest is decided on, we use the best-suited inventory method to target a 90-95% confidence in reported volumes. We inspect property boundaries, roads, terrain, and access limitations to provide you with the most realistic expectation of timber revenue.
Using our in-depth knowledge of timber buyers and markets, we solicit bids from the most interested and qualified buyers, which gets you the best offers for your timber. Upon acceptance of a bid and the beginning of harvest activities, we conduct regular harvest checks to ensure compliance with Best Management Practices and contract specifications. A performance deposit will not be released until a final inspection is satisfactory.

Forest Inventory

Our Forest Inventory options give you a better idea of forest composition related to:

One of our skilled team members will come out to help you assess the composition and value of your forestland. We are experienced in evaluating your timberland for Estate Appraisals, Basis Establishment, Loan Collateral Value, Casualty Losses, Timber Theft Appraisals, and Standing Timber Values.

Our forestry professionals are trained and experienced in assessing standing Carbon Volumes. Call us to discuss your options in the Forest Carbon Offset Trading Market.

This service can assist you in determining the unique species composition of your urban or rural landscape.

Panther Creek Forestry can help with wildlife plot construction and maintenance. Our experienced foresters can assist you in providing more forage, cover and habitat diversity to draw and maintain more wildlife to your property. Our habitat inventory service can help in planning for wildlife habitat improvement.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Many of our services can help you create a more desirable landscape for a variety of wildlife.

We are Prescribed Burn Managers certified by the state of TN.  When used frequently, prescribed fire is an effective tool in maintaining forest health and wildlife habitat.  Safety is always a concern when using prescribed fire as a tool; however, before and during these prescribed fires, weather conditions are closely monitored, and several safety precautions are taken.  Prescribed fires should always be accompanied by a burn plan, carried out by experienced technicians, and supervised by a certified burn manager with adequate resources.  

Panther Creek Forestry has hundreds of hours experience in supervising prescribed burns. Call us or click “Request a Quote” to discuss whether prescribed fire may be a useful tool to help improve your property, or to discuss any of your land management needs.

Panther Creek will conduct herbicide applications for site preparation, removal of undesirables, or to release planted trees. This can be applied via backpack, aerial (via helicopter), ATV, or hatchet (Hack & Squirt) methods.


Let us help you improve the productivity and quality of your forest. Panther Creek Forestry will remove undesirable and poorly formed trees to promote the growth of the desired crop trees.

Forestry Mulching can assist with management of woody stems on your property.


Additional Services

Panther Creek Forestry offers a wide variety of Forest Management Services, including:

Our appraisal services range from Estate Appraisals, Basis Establishment, Loan Collateral Value, Casualty Losses, Timber Theft Appraisals, to Standing Timber Values.

A high-confidence timber appraisal can be used to establish a timber basis for capital gains treatment of a property, which is helpful for estate planning and future tax purposes.

We can help you convert your fields to forestland or reestablish harvested forest stands. We have experience in machine and hand planting hardwoods, pines, wildlife shrubs, orchards, native grasses, and pollinator species. Our projects have ranged from half-acre plots and riparian buffers to thousand-acre forests.

Panther Creek Forestry holds a charter and certification for forest pesticide application, enabling us to treat land in Tennessee and Kentucky for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Emerald Ash Borer. We also provide detection and treatment for Walnut Canker, Southern Pine Beetle and Ips Beetle.

Tennessee Pesticide Charter # 5064

Panther Creek can layout and manage forest engineering projects such as road building, constructed fire breaks, temporary or permanent stream crossings, etc. to aid in the management of your forest.  In addition to this service we also offer assistance with establishing easements for a variety of forest applications. 

Our office gathers and analyzes data in real time on your property for GIS, Graphic Information System mapping technology to create highly accurate maps of your property.

We have several licensed drone pilots who are skilled in capturing high-quality photos and videos.  These images help give our foresters, and landowners alike, a birds-eye view of your property. 

Our services extend beyond the traditional forest and into urban areas.  We have worked with commercial clients and private landowners to develop and manage urban forest areas with planning, planting, and forest pest control.